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Gears and Ears

                               Journal of The Rotary Club of Lake Buena Vista

                                                      December 2019

                                    From Club President Augustine

                                 Holiday Greetings, Fellow LBV Rotarians,

                                 Once again, it’s time to observe this wonderful season’s celebrations
                                 of family, fellowship, friendship, and fun. Because our club is at the
                                 “Happiest Place on Earth,” we get to celebrate these things all year long,

                                 but the traditions, symbols, and warm greetings we experience at this
                                 time of year make it extra special.

        This edition of our Gears and Ears e-magazine carries that same theme because it includes a
        piece on Christmas facts you may not know of as well as a description and explanation of the

        traditions of Hanukkah that this year runs parallel to the celebration of the birth of Christ. The
        Christmas Train, our recommended book for December, continues in that same vein as it is
        about a disillusioned journalist who experiences self-discovery and the magic of the season

        during his rail journey. With a grateful nod to those brave souls who protect us and our country,
        the recipe section is made up of some tasty dishes from Coast Guard members.

        We recently celebrated Thanksgiving, but we continue to have an awful lot to be grateful for as
        a club. Our members are engaged in actively supporting club and district service programs, our

        causes are relevant and worthy, our youth programs such as RYE and RYLA are inspiring, and
        the donations made through our club foundation have helped more charities than ever. As LBV
        Rotarians, we get to exemplify the spirit of giving not just during this happy season but all year

        long. We are truly blessed.

        Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All,

                      Thank You for this Honor

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